Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

The students at RDHS wish to thanks the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and the Ravensthorpe IGA for supporting this project.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Number 36, off to Byron Bay



Artwork Number 36 was found at our place of work, Walwa General Store today 27th December 2012. We are a small general store on the Murray River, about an hour or so out of Albury/Wodonga. Mostly farming families live in this area, mainly cattle and a few dairies. We are lucky enough to live in a gorgeous area of Victoria, stunning views and a great place to come and camp on the Murray River. We have a local pub, Caravan Park, a couple of art galleries, post office and vet clinic.

A small primary school which consists of 21 children.  Highly recommend coming and visiting the little old town of Walwa, people are always commenting on the prettiness of the area and the food and coffee at the Walwa General Store has a fantastic reputation!!!!


Artwork Number 36 will be heading up toward Byron Bay tomorrow with one of the girls boyfriends that works here.


This was a great idea, and we enjoyed being a part of your experience.





A Message from Number 25

        artwork no 25,reporting-----sorry i have been so slow to check in,but the dude who found me is a caravanner who picked me up (literally ) in kalgoorlie in about july 2012,and put me in a safe spot (yeah right!!) for the next few months while he travelled to south oz (adelaide) then onto victoria and up thru n.s.w to bathurst.from there we went north to bundaberg in queensland,and here i am thinking ,yeah he,ll leave me here surely cos it,s a nice spot and he must be over carrying me around by now,but no,we then went further on to gladstone,where we stayed put for a bit,then suddenly we took off south----well finally he discovers me huddled in the bloody cupboard where he put me,and without a word of regret for keeping me confined for so long he unloads me here at  dubbo in n.s.w-----who knows what my fate is now----life goes on,and he was,nt such a bad sort i suppose cos all he did was forget about me,thankfully i am very resilient and hope to be discovered by another unsuspecting human soon Open-mouth smile
                                           sincerely  your intrepid traveller  no 25

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Number 53 is off to Sydney

Hi there,

I have found number 53 at the Mullaloo Beach Hotel in Mullaloo, Perth. I have just travelled to Sydney where I will leave your artwork.

Love your project idea. 



Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dunnart makes it to Devon!







Monday, 12 November 2012

Number 8

Hello there,

We have found your artwork No. 8.

We found it at the top of our driveway -Bussell Highway, in our disused bus shelter.  It may have been there for some time before we discovered it.

We have a tourist destination, giant hedge maze, called A Maze'n Margaret River, which has several mazes, playground, bbqs, picnic area and 5 ha of landscaped gardens.

If you are interested in looking check out www.amazenmargaretriver.com.au

We shall leave your artwork in another unexpected place and hope you hear from someone else shortly.  I imagine you have lots of fun finding how far your art travels.

Kind regards


A Maze'n Margaret River

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Number 46 again!

Hi there Ravensthorpe District High School


Tonight this delightful piece came into my hands at a Jazz Mania – a Trusts Waitakere Brass Band function at the Waitakere Trusts Stadium in Henderson, West Auckland.

He was given to me by Barbara the CEO of West Auckland Hospice.

I am Vicki and a fundraiser for the Hibiscus Hospice north of Auckland on the Hibiscus Coast.

I organise a fundraising art show for our hospice each year so appreciate pieces of art.

Barbara chose well in passing it on to me for the next part of its journey.

Artwork number 46 will enjoy some time in the sun and near the surf at Red Beach while I think about where I might send him next.

I am seeing visitors from England, Italy and the Netherlands between now and the new year so watch this space!


Kind regards


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Number 46 in NZ



I found "Number 46" yesterday, what a lovely, inquisitive piece or work! I found Number 46 at a place called Kinder House - one of the oldest buildings built by the colonials when they arrived in New Zealand - it was lived in and owned by John Kinder, a painter and photographer - and school master. The building now is an historic home rented out to people like myself. I run a a private practice one day a week there as an Art Therapist.


I will now take Number 46 to the other place I work and leave him/her for colelction by another person.


May number 46 travel wide, well and safely!


Warm regards,


Art Therapist

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Number 33


My wife and two children were delighted when I found a small wound wire lion number 33 while visiting The Marina Hotel at Loch Sport in Victoria and were happy to enjoy its company for a short while until we released it to continue its adventure.



Number 46

Hi I was given # 46 at the Albany WA Visitor centre  he has been with my family to wave rock and York, Perth and and flew to Auckland New Zealand.  # 46 is looking around the North shore and going to visit my son's primary school. I'm at teacher I was in Perth for a conference I was speaking on .... turning trash into treasure  to find out more about me look at    www.trash2treasure.co.nz


Yours Adam Buckingham   Ps #46 will come to work with me

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Number 46 arrives in Albany

Hello Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and Ravensthorpe District High School students.

A beautiful piece of Artwork (Number 46) has appeared on the door step of the Albany Visitor Centre!

It is currently waiting to be taken on the next part of its journey.



Customer Service Officer

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

mystery sculpture now in Tom Price

We have just heard from Andrea who found a wire dog, but her husband has apparently put it in the Tom Price tourist bureau before she looked at the number and contact email....so hopefully we will hear from this little fellow soon and find out which one it is!

Thanks for contacting us via the Ravesnthorpe Regional Arts Council Andrea!

Number 60

Hi all ,
          As I was crossing park in Ravensthorpe  my eye caught sight of something in the Rotunda.Intrigued I picked it up & began to read, this piece of art , was like me on a journey & so it has commenced that journey ....
I had left Echuca in Northern Victoria on my way to Perth to find work. After going to Adelaide ,Peterborough, Ceduna, Balladonia, it was here as i got to Norseman whether to go left or right to Perth .... its only 150kms farther to go to Esperance so it was, that my travels to the south continued staying overnight at Gibson soak Hotel, Gibson .... had a great look at beach at esperance then on my way to Albany found Ravensthorpe & your art........
I followed your instructions & have placed in mates garage & I think you will be surprised where your next correspondence will come from.

Regards . Adrian

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Number 46 is found again, already!

I found artwork number 46 at emu point cafe in Albany while having breakfast. I am not traveling however I will find someone that is.

Number 46

Hi there!

I am writing to let you know that I have found a piece of your art - #46 a fabulous horse! I have a sneaky suspicion that it was made by my beautiful niece. I found it in my front garden in Hopetoun. I have recently been on holidays and I took that lovely horse with me . . . . I hope you find out where we went soon.

Warmest Regards


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

little dog, No 55

Hello we have picked up a little dog, No 55 from the Tom Price information centre on Friday the 28th Sept 2012, we were told it has been to China and back. We are planning to take it home with us and leave it in Moree NSW to be picked up by one of the many travellers we get coming to swim in our Hot Artesian Baths.

We have named him "squiggle " and he has already been to visit Red Dog at Dampier we will send photos when we stop long enough to Down load them.

A bit about us ; we are travelling around Aust on a very quick trip in four weeks from Moree west to Camerons Corner down the Strezlecki Track up the Oonadatta Track through Uluru and The Olgas and west through WA to Laverton then we turned north and headed for Point Samson neat Karratha where we stopped for three days as Eric's sister lives there. It took us 10 Days to get to Point Samson we did not rush because we are on holidays and were towing our camping trailer across some rough roads .

We are now heading home via Broome , Halls Creek and Camooweal

Squiggle is travelling with myself and my husband Eric  and my 10 year old son Nick and Nick's dog Flannigan ( a jack Russell ) who are both travelling really well despite the long days in the car

Thank you for letting us be apart of this unique experience


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Number 53


My name is Barbara, I’m 51 years of age and live in the northern suburb of Mullaloo in Perth.  Last weekend, we travelled to Kalgoorlie for the annual Kalgoorlie Cup.  During those few days in Kalgoorlie, we caught up with our friends who had recently moved to Kambalda West.  As it was our first trip to the area, they took us to the Red Hill Lookout early on Saturday morning, 22 September 2012.  There, sitting on a table I found Artwork Number 53 and what a wonderful surprise it was.   What a great idea!  I am quite excited to be part of the whole experience.  I would love to follow the travels of this Artwork to see where it ends up ...

Best wishes


Number 37

Well hello Ravensthorpe High School art students!

I have found the piece of artwork titled Artwork #37! He was a delightful little lizard! I have named him Lou, because well, I did find him in the Lou! I hope that is ok! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my adventure with Lou.

My name is Lexie. I am 23 years old and I am currently visiting Australia from the United States of America! I am here with my mother and we are visiting my mom's best friend, aka my Aunty Karen. When I found Lou, I had been on a two week road trip with my mother and aunty! My day was terrible, but when I went into the gas station, there was this miraculous lizard! I was so overwhelmed at finding him, that I got very teary eyed. I think this program that you guys are doing is wonderful! I took Lou with me from Raventhorpe to Albany, Denmark, and Peaceful Bay. Along the way he got to see Whale World, Elephant Rocks, and he even got to go to the Tree Top walk! That is where I said goodbye to him and left him with a wonderful note! I have taken pictures to show you guys where he has been! Again, I hope it was ok that I named him. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this journey! I have one month left to be here in Australia, I can only hope that someone has as much fun with him as I have!


Thanks Lexie, our sculptures are actually made by the Primary school students, so ages from 5 to 13.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Number 53

Found by a tour bus company at the toilet drop station for caravans & buses in Ravensthorpe.  The bus is from Sydney, driver is from Melb & the tour guide is from Beaconsfield Tasmania. The 41 passengers on board come from England, Germany, NZ, Tas, Vic, NSW,Qld & WA. This is a 15 day tour covering over 5000 kms.

We found number 53 when we were emptying our toilet!! Exciting eh!

We intend to take it to the Silver Lake in Kambalda on route to Kalgoorlie.

Good luck number 53, we hope you enjoy your journey .


Tour Director


Number 38

Hi There, 

We found this at our front door in Alstonville NSW!

We have had it on the table and forgot all about it and needed to send email to say we got it. 

Will pass it on, hope all goes well!

Ben :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Number 37


My husband and I and 2 other friends were travelling from Perth to Albany for  a weekend getaway

We found Lou The Lizard at  the tree walk Walpole on Friday Sept 14th ,  he came  with us to Albany  , we visited so many places, and today we left him  somewhere so someone else can take him for another adventure



Sunday, 16 September 2012

Number 20 finally leaves Leinster

Hi to all concerned regarding foundart

My wife and I were visiting our son in Leinster and came across artwork no. 20 in the Leinster Caravan Park. The tag was the part that attracted my attention and when I picked it up it was in a good and clean condition.

Our son works for BHP and we are retired from the workforce.

We are now back in Perth and intend to place the piece of art in a strategic place shortly.

Our names are John & Kathy and we reside in a rural area about 35 kms south of Perth in a place called Wungong.

Thank you and good luck in tracking all your travelling artworks.


Kind Regards

John & Kathy

Number 59 in Kulin


 Number 59 arrived in Esperance at our Kolindale Ram Sale.  He /She had many admirers on the day.

Travelled home with us to Dudinin.

Next stop is Kulin Resource Centre, where 5000+ people will be coming to Kulin from all around for the Kulin Bush Races on 5th & 6th October, 12 …

So could end up anywhere.

Xx Shirley

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Number 40 Buzzes Around


Hi my name is Joan and I live on a farm at Pingaring W.A.  I went out to do some gardening today and on the way I found this beautiful bee on the table on my back patio.  Don’t know how it got there but it must have flown a long way.  I will leave it there for a few days and then I’m sure it will fly on to another destination where someone else will find it.

                                                                                                               Safe travelling beautiful  BEE.!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Number 41 turns up in Lake King

Dear Ravensthorpe District High School.
I have found art number 41 in an unusual place. I came across you on the school grounds as I was going to collect the football that we were playing with.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Number 50 heads off to NZ


My name is Susan  and I have your artwork number 50. I got it in Brisbane about a week ago, at an international ADAS dive conference I was attending at the university with my husband, Alan. We live in Hamilton New Zealand and I was given this piece of art from a gentleman from Tasmania. We have 6 kids ranging from 20 to 2 years, 5 boys and 1 baby girl. My husband Alan does a lot of international travel, he owns the NZ School of Commercial Diver training and trains people to work on oil rigs and do work under water. I am a retired pharmacist.

I hope your artwork number 50 will have a great trip around New Zealand before it leaves for distant shores again. I think this is a wonderful exciting project and I feel very happy to have been a part of it. All the best from New Zealand!

Kind regards

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Number 7 hitches a ride...

Hi !

My name is ChloƩ, I'm 24 and I'm French. I'm currently cycling around Australia and I found your little guy in the camp kitchen of Benwenerup campsite in Stokes Inlet Nation Park. That was such a nice and unexpected surprise ! I really like the idea, so he's gonna have a little stroll on my push bike ;) Hope he will travel far away !!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Number 32 in NZ


I found this artwork near the park in main street of Ravensthorpe.

I was on my way to Perth to go on holiday to New Zealand.

This little piece of art has come with me. I am leaving it today near Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown.

seeya little buddy!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Number 33

Good afternoon,

Elwyn and Graham  here and we have found the above piece of artwork at the Streaky Bay Foreshore Caravan Park in Sth Australia.  It was sitting on a fish cleaning bench and I just wandered over to take a look at it.   We are from Swan Reach in Victoria (which is near Lakes Entrance) and we have been travelling around since May 13th.  We are on the homeward leg of our journey which has seen us take in Alice Springs, Katherine, Kakadu, Darwin, Kununurra, Broome, Top Price, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie/Boulder and now Squeaky Bay.  We are not retirees, so it is with mixed feelings that we are heading home and back to reality.  We will try our best to leave the artwork somewhere unusual and hope you are able to follow it’s journey for quite a long time yet. 

Number 7 goes to Stokes


 I picked up piece #7 from the Ravy bus stop (BP). I just bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle in Perth and was riding it back home. I am the ranger at Stokes National Park (80 km west of Esperance) and have put the art in one of the camp kitchens at Stokes Inlet. We have heaps of caravans through the park so #7 is sure to end up someplace interesting.


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Number 50 leaps across from Tassie to Brisbane

Hi my name is Martin.

I was given this lost artwork by My neighbors when they returned home last week after a long holiday. I live on the river in northern Tasmania but they knew I was traveling to Brisbane this weekend to attend a commercial scuba diving conference. I was going to give it to an artist friend of mine but instead I will give it to a woman I met from New Zealand who has a large family with lots of kids. I am confident she will know what to do with it.

I like your project and if there is any chance you might be able to send me an account of the journeys of Lost Artwork Number 50 when it winds up I would be very curious to know where he travels.


Number 50

Hello from Rosevears in Tasmania.

John and I recently returned from exploring beautiful Western Australia in our caravan.  When refueling at Nandroo we were requested to take the "wire art" with us, this we have done and tonight handed it to our neighbour here in Tasmania, who is off to Brisbane tomorrow and will hand it to his friend who is an artist.

John, who is a retired physician, and I, a retired nurse, live here on the western side of the Tamar River we have 3 married children.  We enjoy gardening, and both play instruments in the local orchestra.

We wish you well with your artistic endeavours, and may your "wireart" travel far bring you lots of interesting emails, and thank you for enabling us to be part of this fun enterprise.

Yours sincerely

Janet and John. 

More pics from that travelling 33

The water was stunning, so we had to take a photo of that too.
Next, we headed off to look at the cliffs on the edge of the Great Australian Bight.

Number 33

Just letting you know we found artwork 33 at Domblegabby Rest Area on the 90 mile straight on the Nullabor, aproximately 40 kms west of Caiguna and 332 kms east of Norseman. We took it for a bit of a drive because it was a pretty good traveling companion. Our names are Les and Rach and we travel and work truck driving out of our 4wd and caravan. At the moment we are based in Karratha and just on our way to the Eyre Peninsula for a look around and holiday.

Number 15, the first to go OS?

Sculpture number 15 was found at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China,  which was built in 1420, during the reign of Emperor Yongle this was the temple where Emperors offered sacrifices to Heaven and prayed for rain and a good Harvest.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Number 50...AKA Mr. Squiggle has a fab holiday on the road!

Hello, My name is Ashlee and my Mum, Melissa found your artwork no. 50 on a public telephone at Millstream Homestead in the Millstream Nat Park, on 26th of July2012. 

I am 12 years old in September, I have a Sister called Jessica and she is 10 years old. We had been travelling with my Mum and Dad,Paul and Friends towing Campers. We are from Port LIncoln S.A. We had 5 weeks Hoildays, in which we travelled the Tanami Road N.T. seen the Bungle Bungles, did the Gibb River Road, Broome then down the coast to Karratha, then headed inland to Millstream Nat Park. Where we found your "great Artwork", we named it Mr Squiggle!! From there we took it with us to the Karijini Nat Park, Dales Gorge, then on to Newman, down to Kalgoorie and across the Nullarbor. We left it somewhere in S.A. on our way home, on the 31st July. We enjoyed our hoilday in the West so much but are home now, back to school Monday for us.

We all thought the found art project was a great idea and would be interested in where it ends up!!!

Fron Ashlee

Number 35 is off to Albany


I found Artwork number 35 on the big flywheel and crankshaft in the display near the Cafe and public toilets in Ravensthorpe, on Wednesday 1 August.

I was driving back to Albany from Esperance after attending a family funeral and stopped for a coffee break in Ravy.

Strolling around the area to stretch my legs, I was interested in the plaque on the flywheel and for an unknown reason decided to look at it from the back and there I found Artwork 35.  A nice surprise and something to think about for the remainder of the drive home, as I tried to decide where I would leave it for the next finder.

I am 64 years old, a busy grandmother who works in an office, and I will leave Artwork 35 in an unusual place around Albany next weekend.

Good luck with tracking your travelling artworks.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Number 11 is found again.

Hi I'm Luca, I was coming back from Noosa Springs tennis club, I spotted this thing on a pole and I thought should take it home.  I read the tag and thought it was cool. I can't wait to put it somewhere.   By the way I'm ten years old, live in Noosa and go to Noosa Pengari Steiner School.  Have fun with your project.      

Thanks for participating in our project Luca.  I seem to recall Number 11, it was made by a boy in Year 1 and is a cat...perhaps a wire dog chased it up the pole?!        

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Number 50 on the Nullarbor

Hi to all,

My name is Tracey and I am the manager here at Nullarbor Roadhouse. Your art work was handed to me to send you an email as it was found outside near a big whale that we have in our car park for tourists.

I am about to take it out into our service station so the attendant can put it back and it continues on its journey.

 Hope you get more emails about its whereabouts soon.

43; in a shop in Ravensthorpe, trying on some new clothes???

I found number 43, the camel, at Everything or Nothing in the change room.

my sis told me that number 43 was her wire sculpture and i decided to take it to the perth airport on the 13th of september 2012!

Number 22 in Victoria


I was walking in Jells Park, Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, Victoria and lying on the path was a snake !

I picked it up and read your message and will place somewhere else.

My name is Ed, and I happen to be Toby’s great uncle.

I live in Wheelers Hill, have 3 kids and 3 grandchildren, and have visited Hopetoun many times.

Regards Ed

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Number 38 goes to NSW

HELLO from the Far North Coast of New South Wales.    We found your Foundart #38 in Kalgoorlie-Boulder  WA at the Mt Charlotte lookout whilst visiting this beautiful city in July.

We, my husband and I live in a  beautiful little country village called ALSTONVILLE about one hours drive from the Queensland border we are up on a range and are a horticultural area,growing macadamia nuts,tea,coffee,citrus and stone fruit in red volcanic soil.   Our village has a population of about 4000 and our closest towns are Ballina, Lismore and Byron Bay.

 We where travelling in W.A. with a caravan when we found (Fred)  #38 and decided to take him home and leave him in an unusual and unexpected place, (we hope).   We travelled across the Nullarbor to Adelaide SA, through Victoria and NSW.

Trusting Fred will travel far and wide it has been lovely sharing this project with you, GOOD LUCK.

 Ern and Mary

How 11 got to Queensland

We received a letter today explaining the mystery of how sculpture Number 11, a reclining cat, found its way to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.  Apparently after James' mum found it in the Ravy IGA (you remember the story about the travelling Mallee stumps?)  his Gran Lyn, then discovered it in his room and took it with her to Noosaville to her sister's house.  It was then happened across by their grandaughter when she came to visit.

Mystery solved.
Thanks Lyn!

Number 49 on the meridian

We found artwork 49 on the picnic table at meridian park just West of Ravensthorpe.
We are earthmoving contractors and work between Esperance and Albany along the South Coast. We were heading to Albany from Esperance and had just dropped in to the park to eat our lunch and that's how we found your artwork. I hope artwork 49 travels to many interesting places and you hear many great stories.
 All the very best Kind regards Danny & Dawn.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Number 13

Thank you, Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and students at Ravensthorpe District High School for a delightful and innovative project!

Our son Jono got this on the gate post of a friend's farm at Pingrup, and brought it to Perth.  We will display it somewhere unusual and unexpected for someone else to find.

With very best wishes,

John and Elizabeth 

Number 50 in the Pilbara

Hi All

 The prisoners from Millstream Work Camp on a recreation day at Cossack in the Pilbara found the Artwork.

The prisoners will place the artwork in the Millstream National Park where the Work camp is and hope one of the visitors take it to the next spot.


Work camp Officer

Thanks for participating in our project Kerry...and happy retirement for Friday, after working for 51 years I'm sure you deserve it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Number 23...been skiing???

Dear RDHS,

23 found in the Ski locker room of Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Sunday morning 22/7/2012 at 9.30 am.

In Thredbo for a conference.

cheers Matt

Number 26

We received a letter early this week from Bobby, who has  lived in Noosa Heads for 50 years and goes surfing every day, he found Number 56 on the beach earlier this month when going for a surf...must have been a lucky charm because Bobby then had the waves to himself!
Thanks Bobby, I will write back to you and ket you know we received your letter!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Number 8 Again!

Hi, I am very happy to tell you that I found artwork number 8 in the garden at the Margaret River Tourist Park.

We are the managers of this park and assume that one of our guest placed it in the garden while they were staying here.

We will place it some where for someone else to find so it can continue it's adventure.


Margaret River Tourist Park & Country Cottages

Number 8

Hi All

I found this little guy, whilst doing my late night shopping on Thursday, in the plants department at Bunnings in Bunbury WA.

It's my birthday today and as per tradition, my fiance and I are heading to Margaret River for the weekend, I shall find somewhere 'quirky' to place Artwork Number 8 and hopefully he makes his way onto somewhere different and wonderful!

As of today I am 24 years of age, originally born and raised down in Esperance and am currently working with a company involving the Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine.... I think this art project is a BRILLIANT idea and would love to know where artwork number 8 ends up down the track.

Take care

Ariana :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Number 38

Found it 6km outside Ravensthorpe in a offload free campsite!

We come from Dubbo, NSW and are RVen' around Western Australia for about three weeks.

Started in Perth to Bunbury to Magaret River to Augusta to Albany to this campsite then off to Esperance up to Kalgoorlie then to Hyden then somehow up to 'The Pinnacles'

Number 50

We are on holiday in W.A. visiting fom New Zealand and we found this art work at the Valley of the Giants, Treetop walk. The art work was sitting on a bench in the car park.  We have taken it on our tour of the south coast and are currently back in Perth - haven't decided where to leave it yet!

Number 11 also on the SUNSHINE COAST

My name is Layla and whilst visiting my grandparents at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I came across this amazing dog sitting on a pair of slippers at their house. He is very, very COOL!!!

He has been staying with me at a resort on the Noosa River and has now ventured off to visit a friend’s house in the Hinterland. I have left him on their letterbox as a special surprise when they check their mail upon their return from very exciting travels in Laos.

My friends live in the country with a large variety of chooks, an organic vegetable garden and two Bengal cats. I’m sure the ‘Wire Dog From The West’ will have lots of cool adventures from here…

I’m also looking forward to more travels around Australia.  I am in Year 9 and I’m studying via Distance Education which is FUN!!!

Number 26 hits the Sunshine Coast!

Sunny greetings from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland J

 Wow! What a surprise to find a baby dolphin in my car…

 Hello to you beautiful people there in Ravensthorpe! My name is Anita. I am visiting family in Noosaville. The other day was an extra special day being my Father-In-Law’s 80th Birthday. It was made even more special with the unexpected appearance of a happy little hitchhiker sharing our ride.

Today I took him to Noosa’s Main Beach to meet some new friends. Please see  photo  taken at sunset with a cool surfer dude.  As it is school holidays there have been plenty of people around to enjoy today’s sunshine. There are always pods of dolphins swimming and playing in Laguna Bay.

Migaloo, a celebrity whale is also expected to pass by this way in the next few days on his migration north so you never know who our little friend may meet next. You can take a look at this recent newspaper article for some more info about Migaloo, the white whale. http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/story/2012/07/02/migaloo-lifts-hopes-of-close-encounter/

As for me, I’m planning to take a road trip back out to Alice Springs in the red heart of Australia which is always a great adventure

 Thanks again for sharing your exciting project with me. I look forward to hearing more about our little dolphin mate’s adventures… and I hope we can stay in touch too J


Number 23 on a Canberra Camp?


Am very late in reporting that I found artwork number 23 in the year 6/7 classroom before the students and I took off to Canberra on our camp, starting on the 1st of July! It is a very well travelled piece of art as it has been to Perth in a car, on a flight to Sydney (very delayed and it would have been super cold waiting outside for the plane), it travelled around Sydney looking at the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House and then it made it's way to Canberra! Tomorrow it will go in my backpack and it will see the institute of sport and the zoo and aquarium in Canberra where it will be left for someone else special to find and to carry its next destination!

Have had super fun with your artwork!

Safe travels artwork 23!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Number 1 meets up with Number 24 on the road!

Hi this is Bernie and Liz, we are from Victoria and are travelling around Australia for the next six months.

We found "Charlie" thats our wireart's name !! he looks like a Shark, and he was breached at Ravensthorpe Park.  We had stopped for a cup of tea and a rest and here's Charlies story so far.

I was very excited when I realised that some Nomads had found me, and Ithat they were travelling around Australia.  I'm  having a great time they are very kind to me and take me on all their excursions.  I had a  great time in Albany and then went to Pembleton and climbed a sixty metre tree, what a view !  Went to Augusta and saw a couple of whales and then travelled onto Margaret River and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, onto to Bussellton and thought about going back to the water but it was too cold, onto Bunbury where we met up with some relatives and had a great bbq.  Spent a week in Perth and Fremantle, and I'm now 35klms north of Geraldton enjoying some beautiful sunshine.  YOU WONT BELIEVE IT !!  I have met up with Number 24  So we are relaxing together at a  free camping site and enjoying cooking by the fire and making some bread to enjoy with dinner tonight.

Im having such a great time that I have begged Bernie and Liz to keep me travelling with them as we are heading north to Broome and I don't want to miss the opportunity of seeing the countryside.

Will be in touch again soon when time permits.  With Love Charlie.

PS Bernie and Liz send their love and so does number 24.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Number 24 finds the Good LIfe!

Hi my name is Karen .  My husband Gary and I stopped at Ravensthorpe Park some weeks ago for a rest break and found this piece of artwork laying in the park.. What a fantastic idea !!

 We reside in Queensland, leaving home on 12th May, 2012 to commence an exciting journey in our caravan, travelling south to Adelaide and then on to the west coast and up north to Darwin and eventually back home.  I have attached a photo of our cute artwork relaxing by the fire at Pullinup River.

 He has pride of place in our tow vehicle and we are not ready to give him up as he seems to enjoy touring the beautiful beaches of Australia... he is presently holidaying in Perth by the Swan River.  We will find the next "unusual and unexpected place" to leave him soooooon.....

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Number 25 found at the Western Standard Time Meridian

Hi Folks,

We found Artwork Number 25 at Ravensthorpe Meridian Rest Area on Sunday 24 June 2012.

We were camped overnight at the above location, and spotted a car pulling up and leaving an item at the shelter. 

Being suspicious of someone leaving something there, we investigated and to our surprise found the artwork.

We are from Sydney, currently touring in our caravan around Australia, and heading into the goldfields where we will leave the artwork for someone else to find.

On our travels we also produce self adhesive signs for caravans and Rv's to help cover costs.

This is a great idea for your council and school.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Number 45

Found at the Broadwater Resort Apartments - South Perth on Saturday, 23 June 2012.

I was visiting my sister who was in Perth to play hockey.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Number 20 in Leinster

Artwork Number 20 was discovered at the Ravensthorpe IGA checkout and taken to work....to the minesite in Leinster.  Who knows where that one will turn up next!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Number 19

This one came to us by word of mouth...apparently Number 19 was found some time ago in Rangeview Park in Ravensthorpe and taken to Albany to somebody's Gran, who is then going to take it to Bali.  Hope you packed the suncsreen Number 19!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Number 19 turns up in Albany!


We have found Artwork Number 19 just hanging out in Paperbark Merchants Albany - we are a retail store located in the centre of town, we specialize in books, magazines, cards and quirky gifts and we have thoroughly enjoyed the time Number 19 has spent with us!  We will be sad to see her go but we wish her safe travels…….

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Number 29

...and just when I thought I could leave the computer, another message in from our School Officer who found Number 29 sitting calmly on her office chair.  I wonder where that one wil turn up next?

Number 30

The latest news just in is that scultpure Number 30 has turned up at Ravensthorpe Building Supplies, found by one of the staff members.  I hope that they find somewhere else unique to leave it!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Number 48, cosy and warm

Here is the little penguin, sculpture number 48 rescued recently from the frozen fish section in the Ravensthorpe IGA!

Penguin found in freezer!

We just heard from Julia this morning who sent in this heartmelting tale.  Thank you for sharing such a personal story Julia, we love that our art has touched you so...we think you must have been destined to find that special little guy in amongst the frozen fish!


Thank-you for creating such a beautiful little creature - penguin.!

I felt indeed privileged to have found your creation on my way home; late from work.

 Your artwork and creative genre inspired me and warmed my heart. I found the  little penguin in the fish freeze box in the Ravensthorpe IGA.

I called into the IGA on my way home from work at the Hopetoun/Ravensthorpe Medical. I am the Practice Nurse for Dr. Lochner.

It was dark and cold and I did not really want to go home. My son had recently died and he was ( with Ministerial permission) buried in my garden. I was feeling sad, but had nowhere to go but "home to my camel farm".

I thought that I would like to have some fish for dinner.

 So I called into the Daw'sIGA . While I was looking for my choice of fish I sighted the strange little creature, close to a packet of frozen fish. I smiled and gently embraced the little creature to find that he/she was indeed a penguin.

The little creature brought me much warmth and comfort as my beloved son was an artist, majoring in sculpture and used to make many such sculptures.

I told Sam (IGA) that I had found the little creature and was going to bring him/her home.

I just wanted to tell you that your beloved creation is safe and well with me, and as much as I would love to keep the little penguin I have put him/her into my basket of "teddy bear" that I give out to the children at the Hopetoun Surgery. He is warm and safe for the time being.

I have taken a picture and will send you one.

I am going to put the little creature on Dr. Manus Lochner's desk next week. He is off to America next month ..so your little creation will find it's way across the oceans to another land. I do hope that you hear the whereabouts of such a beautiful little gift of creation and love.

Thank-you for bringing creation, art and love into my life.

May you all blossom in your love of Art.

Julia from Eremia and her Camels.