Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

The students at RDHS wish to thanks the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and the Ravensthorpe IGA for supporting this project.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Number 38 goes to NSW

HELLO from the Far North Coast of New South Wales.    We found your Foundart #38 in Kalgoorlie-Boulder  WA at the Mt Charlotte lookout whilst visiting this beautiful city in July.

We, my husband and I live in a  beautiful little country village called ALSTONVILLE about one hours drive from the Queensland border we are up on a range and are a horticultural area,growing macadamia nuts,tea,coffee,citrus and stone fruit in red volcanic soil.   Our village has a population of about 4000 and our closest towns are Ballina, Lismore and Byron Bay.

 We where travelling in W.A. with a caravan when we found (Fred)  #38 and decided to take him home and leave him in an unusual and unexpected place, (we hope).   We travelled across the Nullarbor to Adelaide SA, through Victoria and NSW.

Trusting Fred will travel far and wide it has been lovely sharing this project with you, GOOD LUCK.

 Ern and Mary

How 11 got to Queensland

We received a letter today explaining the mystery of how sculpture Number 11, a reclining cat, found its way to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.  Apparently after James' mum found it in the Ravy IGA (you remember the story about the travelling Mallee stumps?)  his Gran Lyn, then discovered it in his room and took it with her to Noosaville to her sister's house.  It was then happened across by their grandaughter when she came to visit.

Mystery solved.
Thanks Lyn!

Number 49 on the meridian

We found artwork 49 on the picnic table at meridian park just West of Ravensthorpe.
We are earthmoving contractors and work between Esperance and Albany along the South Coast. We were heading to Albany from Esperance and had just dropped in to the park to eat our lunch and that's how we found your artwork. I hope artwork 49 travels to many interesting places and you hear many great stories.
 All the very best Kind regards Danny & Dawn.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Number 13

Thank you, Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and students at Ravensthorpe District High School for a delightful and innovative project!

Our son Jono got this on the gate post of a friend's farm at Pingrup, and brought it to Perth.  We will display it somewhere unusual and unexpected for someone else to find.

With very best wishes,

John and Elizabeth 

Number 50 in the Pilbara

Hi All

 The prisoners from Millstream Work Camp on a recreation day at Cossack in the Pilbara found the Artwork.

The prisoners will place the artwork in the Millstream National Park where the Work camp is and hope one of the visitors take it to the next spot.


Work camp Officer

Thanks for participating in our project Kerry...and happy retirement for Friday, after working for 51 years I'm sure you deserve it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Number 23...been skiing???

Dear RDHS,

23 found in the Ski locker room of Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Sunday morning 22/7/2012 at 9.30 am.

In Thredbo for a conference.

cheers Matt

Number 26

We received a letter early this week from Bobby, who has  lived in Noosa Heads for 50 years and goes surfing every day, he found Number 56 on the beach earlier this month when going for a surf...must have been a lucky charm because Bobby then had the waves to himself!
Thanks Bobby, I will write back to you and ket you know we received your letter!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Number 8 Again!

Hi, I am very happy to tell you that I found artwork number 8 in the garden at the Margaret River Tourist Park.

We are the managers of this park and assume that one of our guest placed it in the garden while they were staying here.

We will place it some where for someone else to find so it can continue it's adventure.


Margaret River Tourist Park & Country Cottages

Number 8

Hi All

I found this little guy, whilst doing my late night shopping on Thursday, in the plants department at Bunnings in Bunbury WA.

It's my birthday today and as per tradition, my fiance and I are heading to Margaret River for the weekend, I shall find somewhere 'quirky' to place Artwork Number 8 and hopefully he makes his way onto somewhere different and wonderful!

As of today I am 24 years of age, originally born and raised down in Esperance and am currently working with a company involving the Ravensthorpe Nickel Mine.... I think this art project is a BRILLIANT idea and would love to know where artwork number 8 ends up down the track.

Take care

Ariana :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Number 38

Found it 6km outside Ravensthorpe in a offload free campsite!

We come from Dubbo, NSW and are RVen' around Western Australia for about three weeks.

Started in Perth to Bunbury to Magaret River to Augusta to Albany to this campsite then off to Esperance up to Kalgoorlie then to Hyden then somehow up to 'The Pinnacles'

Number 50

We are on holiday in W.A. visiting fom New Zealand and we found this art work at the Valley of the Giants, Treetop walk. The art work was sitting on a bench in the car park.  We have taken it on our tour of the south coast and are currently back in Perth - haven't decided where to leave it yet!

Number 11 also on the SUNSHINE COAST

My name is Layla and whilst visiting my grandparents at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I came across this amazing dog sitting on a pair of slippers at their house. He is very, very COOL!!!

He has been staying with me at a resort on the Noosa River and has now ventured off to visit a friend’s house in the Hinterland. I have left him on their letterbox as a special surprise when they check their mail upon their return from very exciting travels in Laos.

My friends live in the country with a large variety of chooks, an organic vegetable garden and two Bengal cats. I’m sure the ‘Wire Dog From The West’ will have lots of cool adventures from here…

I’m also looking forward to more travels around Australia.  I am in Year 9 and I’m studying via Distance Education which is FUN!!!

Number 26 hits the Sunshine Coast!

Sunny greetings from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland J

 Wow! What a surprise to find a baby dolphin in my car…

 Hello to you beautiful people there in Ravensthorpe! My name is Anita. I am visiting family in Noosaville. The other day was an extra special day being my Father-In-Law’s 80th Birthday. It was made even more special with the unexpected appearance of a happy little hitchhiker sharing our ride.

Today I took him to Noosa’s Main Beach to meet some new friends. Please see  photo  taken at sunset with a cool surfer dude.  As it is school holidays there have been plenty of people around to enjoy today’s sunshine. There are always pods of dolphins swimming and playing in Laguna Bay.

Migaloo, a celebrity whale is also expected to pass by this way in the next few days on his migration north so you never know who our little friend may meet next. You can take a look at this recent newspaper article for some more info about Migaloo, the white whale. http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/story/2012/07/02/migaloo-lifts-hopes-of-close-encounter/

As for me, I’m planning to take a road trip back out to Alice Springs in the red heart of Australia which is always a great adventure

 Thanks again for sharing your exciting project with me. I look forward to hearing more about our little dolphin mate’s adventures… and I hope we can stay in touch too J


Number 23 on a Canberra Camp?


Am very late in reporting that I found artwork number 23 in the year 6/7 classroom before the students and I took off to Canberra on our camp, starting on the 1st of July! It is a very well travelled piece of art as it has been to Perth in a car, on a flight to Sydney (very delayed and it would have been super cold waiting outside for the plane), it travelled around Sydney looking at the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House and then it made it's way to Canberra! Tomorrow it will go in my backpack and it will see the institute of sport and the zoo and aquarium in Canberra where it will be left for someone else special to find and to carry its next destination!

Have had super fun with your artwork!

Safe travels artwork 23!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Number 1 meets up with Number 24 on the road!

Hi this is Bernie and Liz, we are from Victoria and are travelling around Australia for the next six months.

We found "Charlie" thats our wireart's name !! he looks like a Shark, and he was breached at Ravensthorpe Park.  We had stopped for a cup of tea and a rest and here's Charlies story so far.

I was very excited when I realised that some Nomads had found me, and Ithat they were travelling around Australia.  I'm  having a great time they are very kind to me and take me on all their excursions.  I had a  great time in Albany and then went to Pembleton and climbed a sixty metre tree, what a view !  Went to Augusta and saw a couple of whales and then travelled onto Margaret River and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, onto to Bussellton and thought about going back to the water but it was too cold, onto Bunbury where we met up with some relatives and had a great bbq.  Spent a week in Perth and Fremantle, and I'm now 35klms north of Geraldton enjoying some beautiful sunshine.  YOU WONT BELIEVE IT !!  I have met up with Number 24  So we are relaxing together at a  free camping site and enjoying cooking by the fire and making some bread to enjoy with dinner tonight.

Im having such a great time that I have begged Bernie and Liz to keep me travelling with them as we are heading north to Broome and I don't want to miss the opportunity of seeing the countryside.

Will be in touch again soon when time permits.  With Love Charlie.

PS Bernie and Liz send their love and so does number 24.