Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

The students at RDHS wish to thanks the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and the Ravensthorpe IGA for supporting this project.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Number 36, off to Byron Bay



Artwork Number 36 was found at our place of work, Walwa General Store today 27th December 2012. We are a small general store on the Murray River, about an hour or so out of Albury/Wodonga. Mostly farming families live in this area, mainly cattle and a few dairies. We are lucky enough to live in a gorgeous area of Victoria, stunning views and a great place to come and camp on the Murray River. We have a local pub, Caravan Park, a couple of art galleries, post office and vet clinic.

A small primary school which consists of 21 children.  Highly recommend coming and visiting the little old town of Walwa, people are always commenting on the prettiness of the area and the food and coffee at the Walwa General Store has a fantastic reputation!!!!


Artwork Number 36 will be heading up toward Byron Bay tomorrow with one of the girls boyfriends that works here.


This was a great idea, and we enjoyed being a part of your experience.





A Message from Number 25

        artwork no 25,reporting-----sorry i have been so slow to check in,but the dude who found me is a caravanner who picked me up (literally ) in kalgoorlie in about july 2012,and put me in a safe spot (yeah right!!) for the next few months while he travelled to south oz (adelaide) then onto victoria and up thru n.s.w to bathurst.from there we went north to bundaberg in queensland,and here i am thinking ,yeah he,ll leave me here surely cos it,s a nice spot and he must be over carrying me around by now,but no,we then went further on to gladstone,where we stayed put for a bit,then suddenly we took off south----well finally he discovers me huddled in the bloody cupboard where he put me,and without a word of regret for keeping me confined for so long he unloads me here at  dubbo in n.s.w-----who knows what my fate is now----life goes on,and he was,nt such a bad sort i suppose cos all he did was forget about me,thankfully i am very resilient and hope to be discovered by another unsuspecting human soon Open-mouth smile
                                           sincerely  your intrepid traveller  no 25

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Number 53 is off to Sydney

Hi there,

I have found number 53 at the Mullaloo Beach Hotel in Mullaloo, Perth. I have just travelled to Sydney where I will leave your artwork.

Love your project idea.