Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

The students at RDHS wish to thanks the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and the Ravensthorpe IGA for supporting this project.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Number 24 finds the Good LIfe!

Hi my name is Karen .  My husband Gary and I stopped at Ravensthorpe Park some weeks ago for a rest break and found this piece of artwork laying in the park.. What a fantastic idea !!

 We reside in Queensland, leaving home on 12th May, 2012 to commence an exciting journey in our caravan, travelling south to Adelaide and then on to the west coast and up north to Darwin and eventually back home.  I have attached a photo of our cute artwork relaxing by the fire at Pullinup River.

 He has pride of place in our tow vehicle and we are not ready to give him up as he seems to enjoy touring the beautiful beaches of Australia... he is presently holidaying in Perth by the Swan River.  We will find the next "unusual and unexpected place" to leave him soooooon.....

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Number 25 found at the Western Standard Time Meridian

Hi Folks,

We found Artwork Number 25 at Ravensthorpe Meridian Rest Area on Sunday 24 June 2012.

We were camped overnight at the above location, and spotted a car pulling up and leaving an item at the shelter. 

Being suspicious of someone leaving something there, we investigated and to our surprise found the artwork.

We are from Sydney, currently touring in our caravan around Australia, and heading into the goldfields where we will leave the artwork for someone else to find.

On our travels we also produce self adhesive signs for caravans and Rv's to help cover costs.

This is a great idea for your council and school.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Number 45

Found at the Broadwater Resort Apartments - South Perth on Saturday, 23 June 2012.

I was visiting my sister who was in Perth to play hockey.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Number 20 in Leinster

Artwork Number 20 was discovered at the Ravensthorpe IGA checkout and taken to work....to the minesite in Leinster.  Who knows where that one will turn up next!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Number 19

This one came to us by word of mouth...apparently Number 19 was found some time ago in Rangeview Park in Ravensthorpe and taken to Albany to somebody's Gran, who is then going to take it to Bali.  Hope you packed the suncsreen Number 19!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Number 19 turns up in Albany!


We have found Artwork Number 19 just hanging out in Paperbark Merchants Albany - we are a retail store located in the centre of town, we specialize in books, magazines, cards and quirky gifts and we have thoroughly enjoyed the time Number 19 has spent with us!  We will be sad to see her go but we wish her safe travels…….

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Number 29

...and just when I thought I could leave the computer, another message in from our School Officer who found Number 29 sitting calmly on her office chair.  I wonder where that one wil turn up next?

Number 30

The latest news just in is that scultpure Number 30 has turned up at Ravensthorpe Building Supplies, found by one of the staff members.  I hope that they find somewhere else unique to leave it!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Number 48, cosy and warm

Here is the little penguin, sculpture number 48 rescued recently from the frozen fish section in the Ravensthorpe IGA!

Penguin found in freezer!

We just heard from Julia this morning who sent in this heartmelting tale.  Thank you for sharing such a personal story Julia, we love that our art has touched you so...we think you must have been destined to find that special little guy in amongst the frozen fish!


Thank-you for creating such a beautiful little creature - penguin.!

I felt indeed privileged to have found your creation on my way home; late from work.

 Your artwork and creative genre inspired me and warmed my heart. I found the  little penguin in the fish freeze box in the Ravensthorpe IGA.

I called into the IGA on my way home from work at the Hopetoun/Ravensthorpe Medical. I am the Practice Nurse for Dr. Lochner.

It was dark and cold and I did not really want to go home. My son had recently died and he was ( with Ministerial permission) buried in my garden. I was feeling sad, but had nowhere to go but "home to my camel farm".

I thought that I would like to have some fish for dinner.

 So I called into the Daw'sIGA . While I was looking for my choice of fish I sighted the strange little creature, close to a packet of frozen fish. I smiled and gently embraced the little creature to find that he/she was indeed a penguin.

The little creature brought me much warmth and comfort as my beloved son was an artist, majoring in sculpture and used to make many such sculptures.

I told Sam (IGA) that I had found the little creature and was going to bring him/her home.

I just wanted to tell you that your beloved creation is safe and well with me, and as much as I would love to keep the little penguin I have put him/her into my basket of "teddy bear" that I give out to the children at the Hopetoun Surgery. He is warm and safe for the time being.

I have taken a picture and will send you one.

I am going to put the little creature on Dr. Manus Lochner's desk next week. He is off to America next month ..so your little creation will find it's way across the oceans to another land. I do hope that you hear the whereabouts of such a beautiful little gift of creation and love.

Thank-you for bringing creation, art and love into my life.

May you all blossom in your love of Art.

Julia from Eremia and her Camels.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Animals Made Today!

A whold bunch of new sculptures made their way home today in schoolbags, so keep your eyes peeled for snakes, spiders, kangaroos, pigs..you name it, it is being scultped in wire!  The Art room was pretty full at lunchtime, funny how with a bit of cold rainy weather everyone remembers that it is their turn to be in the Art room at lunch!  We had a few blow in's too who just wanted to keep warm and check out what everyone was doing....that was fine as they all behaved themselves and signed up for the project later in the Term.

Here are some shots of a handful of animals before they escaped the classroom...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lonely Number 12...as it started out in Range View PArk in Ravensthorpe.  Who knows where it will end up?

Number 12 hits the road again

This morning we were excited to find an email from that travelling number 12! 

Found by Chelsea on the 2nd of June at Quairading BP and left quite mysteriously somewhere between Quairading and Albany.  Thanks Chelsea, so far Number 12 has been found the most frequently...we wonder what has happened to the rest of our sculptures?

Here is some of Chelsea's email to us...

"Hey i found this art on the 2nd of june, at Quairading BP. Im 17 and Quairading is my hometown, although I go to boarding school in Perth. I was home for the exam break and so i worked at the BP and after a really busy rush of people, i found it on my counter. I have have left it somewhere in-between quairading and albany :)

Where else has this artwork number 12 been? i think this is a great idea!

I wish we had of though of something like that when i was at Quairading!!

Great work  guys!"

Friday, 8 June 2012

Number 11 turns up in local shop

Here is the latest reply from a local who found number 11 whilst casually doing the shopping.

Hello wonderful artists from Ravensthorpe District High School.

I have found a very impressive animal recently at Daw"s shop IGA, sitting on a small, green outdoor setting table -close to the cash registers. As I was approaching the registers this lovely artwork caught my eye.

 It was just quietly minding its own business! The little tag tells me that it is Number 11.

 I am sending it on its way and hope it makes its way to somewhere special...maybe even Paris or London!

I'm sorry I am not a traveller at the moment to share some interesting information with you about myself, however I have a little story for you.

I was teaching at Munglinup Primary many years ago. One day my friends and I went to visit another friend nicknamed Pinky. He was not home, but we noticed a load of mallee roots in a wheelbarrow near his front door. Being school teachers and not having very good access to stumps for our fire we 'borrowed' his mallee roots and left a note in his wheelbarrow from the stumps saying," We are sorry but we have decided to go on holiday and not stay in your wheelbarrow any longer."

We then contacted all our family and friends who we knew were travelling around Australia and overseas to send our friend Pinky a postcard from wherever they were and sign it saying, "Love from your Mallee Roots."

So Pinky ended up receiving postcards from his mallee roots from Singapore, London, Broome etc. Much to our delight he confided to us that this really weird thing was happening and he was receiving posrtcards from his holidaying wheelbarrow of mallee roots! It was very difficult for us to keep a straight face. Hee hee!

We had so much fun with that one and your Found Art project reminds me so much of this little prank. Thankyou for rekindling some fond memories. We did in fact own up  to Pinky in the end and secretly I think he enjoyed the prank as much as us!

Good luck with your project. It is such a fabulous idea.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Number 12 travels further

Wire sculpture Number 12 has travelled the most so far, winding up firstly in Esperance at Stonehenge,

"We would like to let you know that the above outwork was found at our tourist attraction in the past few days.  We are a complete full size replica of Stonehenge and are located 18km out of Esperance.  We have passed the artwork on to tourists that have come through for them to take with them to another location."

....and this morning we heard that Number 12 is now hanging out at a roadhouse...

"On Thursday 31st May my sister and I were visiting Stonehenge at Esperance where we were shown Art work no.12

We were travelling the next day to Wave rock and intended to leave the piece there, however we forgot to do that and remembered on Saturday while returning to Perth.

We left the artwork at the BP garage at Quairading while getting a coffee.

We hope your travelling artwork experiment is a success."

Thanks very much for partcipating in our project!

Sculptures Found!

The first wave of sculptures have been completed and a re slowly being released into the community.  Some students  have become quite attached to their creations and are opting to hang onto them for a while before setting them free.

So far we have heard from Number 5, a crocodile left on a bench by the beach in Hopetoun.  It was found by someone..."Compliments to the artist, very well done". and is now on it's way to Perth.

Sculpture Number 12 was found in Rangeview Park Ravensthorpe...
"My family and I stopped for a picnic on our way to Esperance yesterday (24th May) and happened across Number 12 at a park in Ravensthorpe.

 It was great to find something that has a story attached, which has set our imaginations running as to where Number 12 might go!"

Sculpture Number 16 was secretly placed on the office chair of our school Principal...
I have found a piece of Art (Artwork Number 16)!! It was on my chair in my Office J. It was a wonderful surprise and I am extremely impressed with the artist who made it, it was tremendous! I will be leaving Ravensthorpe next week for a few days and will be sure to take it with me and leave it somewhere “unusual and unexpected” for someone else to find and admire.
 Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to participate in this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to seeing where Artwork Number 16 ends up!

The students are very much enjoying hearing about where their sculptures are turning up and who is finding them, so please, if you happen across one then let us know by emailing foundart@westnet.com.au

Wild Animals Released!

The students at Ravensthorpe District High School, Western Australia are currently working on a collaborative project with the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council as part of the RRAC's 2012 theme of "Art in Unusual and Unexpected Places".  The students are working during lunch times to make small wire sculptures that are then catalogued, tagged and "realeased" into the local community.  The tag on each sculpture asks the finder to contact the group via email with details on where they found it and to then take it on their travels to another location and leave it for someone else to find.  The students are hoping to track their travelling art works around the country.