Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

The students at RDHS wish to thanks the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and the Ravensthorpe IGA for supporting this project.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

...and again from Number 44!

Hello there, Just a quick note to let you know that we received your artwork number 44 in our mail box. We are a small school situated about 65 KM west of Ingham Nth Qld. Your traveling artwork is a great idea, we have passed it on to someone in Gladstone QLD. Hope it turns up home one day. Regards. Wendy Administration Officer Mt. Fox State School

Saturday, 18 July 2015

...after all these years, number 44 turns up!

Hello to Ravensthorpe, I have aquired your art piece which is number 44, He seems to be doing very well. He has landed on my door step in Machine creek , which is at MT Larcom on the bruce highway south of Rockhamton. I am a little hobby farmer with cows and chickens. I have yet to pass on the little art piece, but will do so soonin my travels. thanks cheer's Peta

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Here's 42 Again!

Hi, I have become the next owner of Artwork #42. I located this out the front of the Australian Taxation office in Northbridge today 29/5 on my work into work. At first I thought hmm what’s that looked at it, poked it with my foot and then temptation got the better of me and I picked it up. Im still intrigued as to what it is? This is a great idea and would be interested knowing where this artwork has travelled. Sam

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Number 42

Hi! We found Art number 42 in Walpole on a Campground, Restpoint. We are two german Backpacker. We worked there for a few weeks. We traveled around australia. Love this country and the people. Awesome! Good Luck with your project! Cheers Sebastian and Anna

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Number 22 is NZ!

Hi we live in Te Awamutu North Island , New Zealand. We have a unit attached to our garage which we let our family who are visiting or doing placement training stay in when ever they need to. I have a nephew coming to visit for a month and went to tidy and freshen the unit up for him and found your art work left on the table. My niece from the South Island was the last person to stay in the unit so I assume she has left the artwork behind, I will leave it some where else as my husband and I are going on a two week bike trek . Cheers Karen.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Number 44, AKA Silver Cavier!

Hello Teacher and Students, My name is Dianne and my husband John and I are travelling around Australia by caravan for 12 months. We left home in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland on 6th April and have thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful State of Western Australia. We have never been to WA before. It is so completely different to our State. We actually free camped just west of Ravensthorpe on 31st October and I took photos of your lovely rose garden in town. From there we travelled to Esperance and then on to Kalgoorlie. On the way we stopped to take photos of the galvanised iron camels on the roundabout in Norseman. There I found your wire horse No. 44 sitting on the rump of a camel as you will see in the photo. I was very excited and felt it was nearly like finding a letter in a bottle. Well almost! I named her "Silver Caviar". I knew she had to be placed somewhere special and so she came for quite a ride with us. Into Coolgardie for the Melbourne Cup and then onto Kalgoorlie. From here we free camped across the Nullarbor then into Fowler's Bay, Streaky Bay, Venus Bay, Coffin Bay and finally Port Lincoln where we are now. As you can see in the photos I placed her under the statue of Makybe Diva. While we were there a man came along with his pet Kangaroo named Skippy. So Skippy hopped up and also had her photo taken with these two "famous horses". Later I saw a man and lady pick up Silver Caviar and take her, so I hope she has more adventures which they will then relate back to you. Thank you for the chance to participate in your school project. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to hear of her travels in the future if you would care to let me know. Thanking you, Kind regards Dianne

Friday, 11 October 2013

Fat Tailed Dunnart Found in Exeter

Hello, Just to let you know, I have found the fat tailed Dunnart in the Duty station Managers office at Exeter st Davids Railway station, I do not know how it came to be there but I intend to send it on its way by train in the hope it will be found and sent on its way once again. Best Regards Debbie Duty Station Manager - Exeter St Davids | First Great Western