Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council

The students at RDHS wish to thanks the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and the Ravensthorpe IGA for supporting this project.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Number 46 in NZ



I found "Number 46" yesterday, what a lovely, inquisitive piece or work! I found Number 46 at a place called Kinder House - one of the oldest buildings built by the colonials when they arrived in New Zealand - it was lived in and owned by John Kinder, a painter and photographer - and school master. The building now is an historic home rented out to people like myself. I run a a private practice one day a week there as an Art Therapist.


I will now take Number 46 to the other place I work and leave him/her for colelction by another person.


May number 46 travel wide, well and safely!


Warm regards,


Art Therapist

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Number 33


My wife and two children were delighted when I found a small wound wire lion number 33 while visiting The Marina Hotel at Loch Sport in Victoria and were happy to enjoy its company for a short while until we released it to continue its adventure.



Number 46

Hi I was given # 46 at the Albany WA Visitor centre  he has been with my family to wave rock and York, Perth and and flew to Auckland New Zealand.  # 46 is looking around the North shore and going to visit my son's primary school. I'm at teacher I was in Perth for a conference I was speaking on .... turning trash into treasure  to find out more about me look at    www.trash2treasure.co.nz


Yours Adam Buckingham   Ps #46 will come to work with me

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Number 46 arrives in Albany

Hello Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and Ravensthorpe District High School students.

A beautiful piece of Artwork (Number 46) has appeared on the door step of the Albany Visitor Centre!

It is currently waiting to be taken on the next part of its journey.



Customer Service Officer

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

mystery sculpture now in Tom Price

We have just heard from Andrea who found a wire dog, but her husband has apparently put it in the Tom Price tourist bureau before she looked at the number and contact email....so hopefully we will hear from this little fellow soon and find out which one it is!

Thanks for contacting us via the Ravesnthorpe Regional Arts Council Andrea!

Number 60

Hi all ,
          As I was crossing park in Ravensthorpe  my eye caught sight of something in the Rotunda.Intrigued I picked it up & began to read, this piece of art , was like me on a journey & so it has commenced that journey ....
I had left Echuca in Northern Victoria on my way to Perth to find work. After going to Adelaide ,Peterborough, Ceduna, Balladonia, it was here as i got to Norseman whether to go left or right to Perth .... its only 150kms farther to go to Esperance so it was, that my travels to the south continued staying overnight at Gibson soak Hotel, Gibson .... had a great look at beach at esperance then on my way to Albany found Ravensthorpe & your art........
I followed your instructions & have placed in mates garage & I think you will be surprised where your next correspondence will come from.

Regards . Adrian

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Number 46 is found again, already!

I found artwork number 46 at emu point cafe in Albany while having breakfast. I am not traveling however I will find someone that is.

Number 46

Hi there!

I am writing to let you know that I have found a piece of your art - #46 a fabulous horse! I have a sneaky suspicion that it was made by my beautiful niece. I found it in my front garden in Hopetoun. I have recently been on holidays and I took that lovely horse with me . . . . I hope you find out where we went soon.

Warmest Regards


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

little dog, No 55

Hello we have picked up a little dog, No 55 from the Tom Price information centre on Friday the 28th Sept 2012, we were told it has been to China and back. We are planning to take it home with us and leave it in Moree NSW to be picked up by one of the many travellers we get coming to swim in our Hot Artesian Baths.

We have named him "squiggle " and he has already been to visit Red Dog at Dampier we will send photos when we stop long enough to Down load them.

A bit about us ; we are travelling around Aust on a very quick trip in four weeks from Moree west to Camerons Corner down the Strezlecki Track up the Oonadatta Track through Uluru and The Olgas and west through WA to Laverton then we turned north and headed for Point Samson neat Karratha where we stopped for three days as Eric's sister lives there. It took us 10 Days to get to Point Samson we did not rush because we are on holidays and were towing our camping trailer across some rough roads .

We are now heading home via Broome , Halls Creek and Camooweal

Squiggle is travelling with myself and my husband Eric  and my 10 year old son Nick and Nick's dog Flannigan ( a jack Russell ) who are both travelling really well despite the long days in the car

Thank you for letting us be apart of this unique experience